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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Coexistence of carcinoma and tuberculosis in one breast

Case report
Coexistence of carcinoma and tuberculosis in one breast
Ahmed Alzaraa*1 and Neha Dalal2
Background: The coexistence of breast cancer and tuberculosis is very rare. This can create a dilemma in the diagnosis and treatment as there are no pathognomonic symptoms or signs to
distinguish both diseases.
Case presentation: A female patient was seen in the breast clinic for a right breast lump. Clinical examination and investigation confirmed cancer and tuberculosis of the right breast. She underwent right mastectomy and axillary clearance and received chemo and radiotherapy.
Unfortunately, she died of wide spread metastases.
Conclusion: The simultaneous occurrence of these two major illnesses in the breast can lead to many problems regarding diagnosis and treatment. Though rare, surgeons, pathologists and
radiologists should be aware of such condition.


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