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Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Career & Beyond


The Bio Pharmaceutical industry and the drug development sector in particular is a VERY CLOSED industry and difficult to penetrate. For most graduates, the role of a Clinical Research Associate is the first step into the lucrative drug development sector of the Bio Pharmaceutical industry. For readers new to the clinical research industry and the bio pharmaceutical drug development in general, this book gives you a detailed picture of the role of the CRA and may serve as your career guide into this lucrative industry. For the experienced CRAs this book shows you the way forward beyond a CRA career within the clinical research industry. Reading this book you will understand why demand and hiring of Clinical Research Associates has continued to grow year after years despite an economic crisis in all other areas of the world economy. What awaits your career beyond a CRA within the drug development industry years ahead. This book shows readers the future of the clinical research industry. it shows projected clinical research market growth and trends in the foreseeable future. The Clinical Research Associate (CRA) career and Beyond. INSIDE THE LUCRATIVE BIO PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY will help readers answer the following 7 KEY QUESTIONS about the CRA career. 1. What is a Clinical Research Associate (CRA)? 2. Why Do We Perform Clinical Research? 3. What Is The Value And Importance Of A CRA? 4. Who Can be a CRA? Pre-Requirements and Qualifications. 5. How to become A CRA? Ways on how to get into the CR industry 6. Where Is Best To Be A CRA? Contract Research Organization (CRO) or Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry (Sponsors). 7. What Are The Open Career Options Beyond A CRA? For those CRAs with the ambition to grow and develop within the bio-pharmaceutical industry and clinical research in particular, what are the future opportunities and options. Possible career growth options are detailed in the book. In addition the book gives readers an insight about CRA salaries with year 2015 CRA salary benchmark.



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